2.0 ml External Thread Cryovials - 120043

Boekel Scientific
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SKU 120043 / 120043-500
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Externally Threaded Cryovials with Silicone Washer Seal, Self-Standing. Available in quantities of 100 and 500 with bulk pricing.  For Storing Important Biologic Samples in ULT Freezers or Gas Phase of Liquid Nitrogen. 

  • Made from special polypropylene for storing biological material or cells at temperatures as low as -196°
  • Designed for used in ULT freezers or gas phase of liquid nitrogen
  • The cap top insert is available in many colors
  • External Thread Design To Eliminate Potential Contamination

2.0ml Cryogenic Storage Vials with External Thread. Silicone washer seal with quick and secure 1 and 1/4 turn closing. Thick wall construction with 0.2ml graduations. Self-standing bottom design.


  • 12.5mm Diameter x 49mm Height
  • Made from Special Polypropylene for Storing Biological Material At Temperatures As Low As -196°
  • Designed for Use in ULT Freezers or Gas Phase Liquid Nitrogen
  • The Cap Insert is Available in Many Colors (standard is white)
  • Large White Area For Marking
  • Graduated