2.0 ml Internal Thread Cryovials - 120044

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Store important biologic samples in ULT freezers or gas phase of liquid nitrogen with our 2mL internal thread cryovials. Able to store cells and biological material at temperatures as low as -196C, these cryovials are perfect for your lab. Shop our 2mL cryovials in quantities of 100 or 500.

  • Made from special polypropylene for storing biological material or cells at temperatures as low as -196°
  • Designed for used in ULT freezers or gas phase of liquid nitrogen
  • The cap top insert is available in many colors
  • Internal Thread Design with Silicone Washer

2.0ml Cryogenic Storage Vials with Internal Thread. Silicone washer seal with quick and secure 1 and 1/4 turn closing. Thick wall construction with 0.2ml graduations. Self-standing bottom design.


  • Made from Special Polypropylene for Storing Biological Material At Temperatures As Low As -196°
  • Designed for Use in ULT Freezers or Gas Phase Liquid Nitrogen

  • The Cap Insert is Available in Many Colors (standard is white)

  • Large White Area For Marking

  • Graduated