Autoclave Biohazard Bags

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Autoclave Biohazard Bags from Boekel Scientific keep it clean. Made from heavy-gauge polypropylene, our large and small biohazard bags can take the heat up to 270 degrees F (132 degrees C). A writable panel allows marking for an organized bench.

If you're looking to stock up on autoclave trash bags, lab grade red and black biohazard bags from Boekel Scientific are available at bulk pricing.

Heavy gauge polypropylene high temperature autoclave waste bags

  • High temperature autoclave bags are manufactured from heavy gauge polypropylene material, suitable for autoclaving up to a temperature of 132℃(270OF)
  • Autoclave bags are red with black writing and are designed for contaminated waste disposal.
  • Autoclave bags are available in small and large
  • Autoclave bags have a write on panel to enable the user to mark each bag if required.
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Autoclave Biohazard Bags
Autoclave Biohazard Bags

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