B Medical Blood Bank Refrigerator, Premium Line ( 12.8 - 31.6 CuFt)

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The B Medical Premium Line of Blood Bank Refrigerators are Upright Refrigerators designed for safe storage of whole blood and blood components at temperature ranging from +2°C to +6°C. The system sizes range from 15.9 CuFt to 31.6 CuFt. The Premium Line features a 7” touchscreen control system, key card locking doors, power indicator, internal LED light, alarms, and a controlled fan cooling system for constant and even temperature throughout the chamber. This ergonomically designed line of robust refrigerators is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the busiest blood banks.

The Premium line of blood banking refrigerators range in size from 15.9 to 31.6 cubic feet.Manufactured with stainless steel and certified medical device quality antibacterial coatings the Premium line has an advanced control system with a 7” color touch screen.

  • 7” Advanced Control System with Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • AABB SCOPES standard compliance
  • Efficient design with automatic door switch-off
  • Alarm system with battery backup

These models meet the safety requirements for temperature uniformity through the entire cabinet, stability at +4°C, and fast recovery despite frequent door openings. A safety thermostat prevents freezing, and a temperature monitoring/alarm system ensures proper operation. It is an ultra-silent and eco-friendly solution to store your blood bags in a safe environment.

Classified as medical device Class II (FDA) and accredited as AABB standards-compliant, B Medical Systems’ Blood Bank Refrigeratorsprovide reliability, efficiency, and durability at an optimal price.

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All B Medical refrigerators are AABB SCOPE compliant

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