B Medical Contact Shock Freezers 30 - 96 plasma bags

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B Medical Systems’ Contact Shock Freezers are advanced rapid freezing devices designed for the most demanding installations. Quick and uniform freezing is essential for the optimal recovery of coagulation factors of fresh frozen plasma. B Medical Contac Shock Freezers provide the shortest freezing times on the market. Available in two sizes, these Class II(a) medical devices are AABB standards-compliant and have 40 years of medical refrigeration and 15 years of contact shock freezing behind them.
  • - Two advanced models available capable of single layer or double layer cooling
  • - Capable of freezing from 30 to 96 plasma bags
  • - Freeze times as low as 26 minutes
  • - Design mitigates issues associated with blast freezers
  • - Homogenous and energy efficient cooling of blood plasma
The B Medical Contact Shock Freezers are intended for the rapid freezing and subsequent storage of blood plasma or biological samples to a core temperature below -30°C within less than one hour. The devices are compliant to AABB Standards and they are 21CFR Part 864.9700, Class II Medical Devices.
  • - Easy to Use 7” Touch Screen Control System
  • - Alarm system with integrated battery backup and Acoustic and Visual Indicators
  • - Advanced design eliminates inconsistence freezing associated with rapid cooling devices
  • - Capable of Single or Double Layer Operation
  • - Internal LED lighting for loading and unloading device
  • - Heavy duty smooth rolling casters for flexible placement of equipment
  • - Ethernet and remote communication capable

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