B Medical Lab Refrigerator, Precision Line (1.8 - 12.8 cu ft)

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B Medical Laboratory Precision Line Refrigerators are robust laboratory refrigerators and refrigerator freezer combination devices with a many desirable design features. The Precision Line Control System offers an easy to use digital interface with multiple controls and warning safety features developed as a result of 40 years of expertise in refrigeration technology. The one-piece internal chamber offers a lifetime warranty to be free from corrosion. The unit has been designed to ergonomic and to offer high a storage capacity per unit volume.

  • Robust, advanced, and easy to use digital control system with battery backup
  • Corrosion free interior with lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic and modular design conserves space
  • Model L55 includes 1 bottom drawer & 1 wire shelf
  • Model L130 includes 1 bottom drawer & 2 wire shelves
  • Model L290 includes 1 bottom drawer & 5 wire shelves
  • Model L380 includes 1 bottom drawer & 7 wire shelves
  • Model LF260 includes 2 bottom drawers, 2 drawer with front covers, & 2 wire shelves

The Precision line of laboratory refrigerators range in size from 1.8 to 12.8 cubic feet. Manufactured with the unique technique of rotomoulding, B Medical Systems’ refrigerators offer the smallest net volume with the highest storage capacity. Operating temperature range is settable from between +4°C and +15°C with multiple controls and warning safety features.

  • Digital Display and Control System
  • Efficient design with automatic door switch-off
  • Alarm system with battery backup
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Integrated port for external additional sensors
  • Bottom Drawer with Wire Shelves

These models meet the safety requirements for temperature uniformity through the entire cabinetand fast recovery despite frequent door openings. A safety thermostat prevents freezing, and a temperature monitoring/alarm system ensures proper operation. It is an ultra-silent and eco-friendly solution to store your samples, specimens, and buffers. Classified as medical device Class I (FDA) these units provide reliability, efficiency, and durability at an optimal price.

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