B Medical Lab Refrigerator, Premium Line (16.9 - 33.5 cu ft)

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The Premium line of laboratory refrigerators is intended for the safe storage of samples, specimens, cultures, and other laboratory preparations at cold temperatures between +4°C and +15°C. These units are class I medical devices with multiple controls and warning safety features developed as a result of 40 years of expertise in refrigeration technology.

  • Ergonomic Design with heavy duty door lock mechanism
  • Advanced 7’’ touchscreen with pre-installed connection allowing connected monitoring functionalities
  • New High-quality coating, certified medical devices quality and antibacterial, and high-quality steel for better longevity
  • Excellent storage capacity and modularity with drawers and shelves for storage

All Models include (5) Wire Shelves. Up to 5 stainless steel drawers with or without front panel can be equipped at additional charge.

The Premium line of laboratory refrigerators range in size from 16.9 to 33.5 cubic feet. Manufactured with stainless steel and certified medical device quality antibacterial coatings the Premium line has an advanced control system with a 7” color touch screen.

  • 7” Advanced Control System with Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Efficient design with automatic door switch-off
  • Alarm system with battery backup
  • Controlled fan cooling system for constant and even temperature
  • Keycard access using wireless keycard

These models are designed for temperature uniformity throughout the entire cabinet and for fast recovery despite frequent door openings. A safety thermostat prevents freezing, and a temperature monitoring/alarm system ensures proper operation. It is an ultra-silent and eco-friendly solution to store your samples in a safe environment.

Classified as medical device Class I (FDA) the Premium Line of Laboratory Refrigeratorsprovide reliability, efficiency, and durability at an optimal price.

Premium Line Control System Overview

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Premium Line Overview

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Premium Line Size Overview

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Premium Line Antibacterial Coating

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