B Medical Laboratory Freezer, Premium Line ( 15.9 - 31.6 CuFt)

B Medical Systems
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The Premium line of Laboratory Freezers range in size from 15.9 to 31.6 cubic feet and are Class I medical devices. These devices are used for safe storage of laboratory supplies and samples at freezing temperatures.The Premium line is manufactured with astainless-steel interior and certified medical device quality antibacterial coatings. These units have an advanced control system with a 7” color touch screen.

  • 7” Advanced Control System with Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Interior aluminum doors, ergonomic handle, and casters
  • Evenly distributed and constant temperature with controlled fan cooling
  • Keycard Locking door with robust and ergonomic closing handle
  • Alarm system with battery backupwith remote monitoring capable

Laboratory Freezer Overview

Premium Line Control System Overview

Freezer Line Overview

Superior Insulation