B Medical Laboratory Freezer, Premium Line (16.9 - 33.5 cu ft)

B Medical Systems
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B Medical Laboratory Freezer, Premium Line ( 16.9 - 33.5 cu ft)

All Models include (5) Wire Shelves. Up to 5 stainless steel drawers with or without front panel can be equipped at additional charge.

The Premium line of Laboratory Freezers range in size from 16.9 to 33.5 cubic feet and are Class I medical devices. These devices are used for safe storage of laboratory supplies and samples at freezing temperatures.The Premium line is manufactured with astainless-steel interior and certified medical device quality antibacterial coatings. These units have an advanced control system with a 7” color touch screen.

  • 7” Advanced Control System with Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Interior aluminum doors, ergonomic handle, and casters
  • Evenly distributed and constant temperature with controlled fan cooling
  • Keycard Locking door with robust and ergonomic closing handle
  • Alarm system with battery backupwith remote monitoring capable

Laboratory Freezer Overview

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Premium Line Control System Overview

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Freezer Line Overview

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Superior Insulation

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