B Medical Medical Transport Boxes (0.08 - 1.55 cu ft)

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B Medical Systems’ Transport Systems are specifically designed for blood banks and blood centers. The 5 models offer a wide variety of transport solutions in terms of storage volume and temperature requirements (-32°C, +4°C, +22°C, +37°C). All models meet the highest safety standards for end-users and patients and are classified as Class II medical devices.
  • - Boxes are highly resistant external forces
  • - Eco-friendly foam injection ensures optimal temperature protection of your blood bags
  • - Certified Medical Device
  • - Easy handling, greater blood safety and long-term durability
  • MT2 has capacity to hold (1) x 450mL bag or (2) x 270mL bags
  • MT4 has capacity to hold (4) x 450mL bags or (6) x 270mL bags
  • MT8 has capacity to hold (8) x 450mL bags or (14) x 270mL bags
  • MT12 has capacity to hold (15) x 450mL bags or (25) x 270mL bags
  • MT25 has capacity to hold (26) x 450mL bags or (40) x 270mL bags
The B Medical Transport System Boxes are specifically designed medical devices intended for the transport ofwhole blood or other blood components in a temperature controlled and secured environment. Theses robust devices offer a variety of transport solutions engineered to last and maintain temperature. The devices are manufactured from a unique process called rotomolding that creates a durable and reliable product. The devices are then injected with eco friendly foam to create a highly efficient medical transport device that is easy to validate and implement.
  • - High resistance to shocks for no damage of content
  • - Prolonged cold life for lengthy temperature-control transports
  • - Eco-friendly insulation for optimum protection against temperature excursions
  • - Optional temperature data logger for full traceability
  • - Light weight and adjustable strap for easy carrying
  • - Certifications for all transportation means (road, rail, sea, air)
  • - inaccessible inside corners for easy cleaning with conventional disinfectants
  • - Tailored to the safe transport of all blood components
  • - Robustness proven in drop and stacking tests
  • - Lifetime warranty on corrosion
  • - High-quality indestructible polypropylene