Boekel Scientific Floor Standing Platelet Incubator Agitator, FS100

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The Boekel Scientific FS100 is a floor standing platelet incubator / agitation system with advanced thermoelectric heating and cooling. The unit can hold up to 100 units of platelets on the 25 shelves. The system has smooth and quiet agitation, a large color touch screen interface, an indicator light, an automated temperature alarm process, and a thermal printer for printing reports. The patented inventory management system allows for easily recognizing platelets that could expire, decreasing the number of wasted units. The system also has battery backup for data logging, USB and ethernet connections, smooth rolling lockable casters, and an external temperature probe port with mounting hardware for temperature monitoring systems.

The Boekel Scientific FS100 is a floor standing platelet incubator / agitation system. The unit has 25 shelves and can hold up to 100 units of platelets. Boekel Scientific pioneered the use of thermoelectric heating and cooling for the storage of platelets and has implemented this technology on the FS100. Thermoelectric heating and cooling is efficient and does not require refrigerant gas or compressors, which can be prone to failure. The system has a 7” industrial color touch screen and an alarm indicator light that can be viewed from across a large room. The large indicator light is illuminated when the unit is powered on and blinks when the unit enters an alarm condition. This indicator light allows for quick identification of a unit that requires attention.


Boekel platelet incubation / agitation systems have an advanced control system with many automated processes including high low temperature alarm testing, unit temperature calibration and the patented inventory management system. The inventory management allows for platelet expiration tracking using color coded icons. This easy-to-use tool was designed to decrease loss of platelets due to time expiration. These systems also have an integrated thermal printer for printing temperature and event reports. This service free device replaces the old-style chart recorders that are difficult to read and require monthly maintenance. The control systems also have a USB port for downloading unit data and an ethernet port for connection the equipment to a network. All systems also have a battery backup system that will log data in the event of a power failure.


The FS100 has smooth rolling, lockable casters making it easily to install and relocatable. If a blood bank uses a secondary temperature monitoring system they can easily attach a probe using the FS100 probe port and mounting hardware.  


  • 25 Removable shelves to store up to 100 units of platelets
  • Massive 7” industrial touch screen with intuitive icons
  • Gas-less/Compressor less heating and cooling design
  • Locking Casters for easy unit placement
  • Patented Inventory Management System to decrease wastage
  • Alarm and Standard Operation Indicator Light
  • Onboard thermal printer for keeping records of temperature data
  • Downloadable event log
  • Battery backup in the event of a power failure
  • Two-year Warranty
  • Extended Warranty Available