Boekel Scientific Laboratory Pipette Holder Only, PN:13741/2

Boekel Scientific
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The Boekel series of Pipet Dryer and Combination Washer/Dryer are manufactured from top quality stainless steel and are designed to provide automatic washing and heat drying of glass pipets up to 375mm long. The series consists of a Pipet Washer only unit, a Pipet Dryer only unit and a Pipet Washer/Dryer unit that combines both the washing and drying functions.

  • Combines the essential features of Pipette Washer and Pipette Dryer
  • No need to move wet pipettes from one apparatus to another
  • Safety air gap eliminates risk of back-flow of contaminated water
  • Processes up to 200 pipets 7mm diameter by 375mm long
  • Supplied with Stainless Steel Pipette Holder (Model 13741⁄2)

The models that provide electrical heat drying capabilities are available in both 115 VAC and 230 VAC versions.Processes up to 200 pipets 7mm diameter by 375mm long


  • Vented top and base provide continuous flow of air through drying chamber
  • Pipettes dry in approximately one hour
  • Used with Stainless Steel Pipette Holder (13741⁄2 not included)
  • Complete with neon pilot light, toggle switch and grounded plug