Boekel Scientific Tube Rotator, 260650, Microtube And Conical Bottom Mixer (100-240 VAC)

Boekel Scientific
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The Boekel Scientific tube rotator is great for mixing tubes gently or vigorously.  The head of the unit can be angled from 90 for end over end mixing to 180 degrees for centrifugal mixing.  The unit is digitally controlled and has a built in timer.  

  • Includes Rotor 260653 for 50ml tubes
  • Adjustable speed provides gentle or vigorous mixing action
  • Adjustable angled head offers mixing angles from 90°-180°
  • Five carousel options provide greater versatility for most tube mixing needs

Boekel Scientific Tube Rotator unit is designed for rotating various sized laboratory tubes at a variety of mixing angles at speeds ranging from 4 to 80 rpm for a time of up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

This device can be used in:

  • Blood Banks
  • Liquid – Liquid Extractions
  • Dissolving Samples
  • Room Temperature Blots

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