Conductivity Probe Only

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The Boekel Scientific Electric Conductivity Probe is an important part of your team's water-quality experimentation. Build a system tailored to your team's needs with our Open-Source Bio Transmitter and UNO circuit board.

This high-quality EC sensor complements our programmable technology for highly precise measurements. Along with accessories like an IoT relay outlet, our probes for dissolved oxygen and pH work with the water conductivity sensor, Arduino UNO board and more for education and control.

Reads: Conductivity

Range: 5 − 200,000 μS/cm

Connector Type: Standard BNC Connector

Response time: 90% in 1s

Max pressure: 3,447 kPa (500PSI)

Max depth: 343 meters (1,125 ft)

Temperature range °C: 1 − 110 °C

Cable length: 1 meter

Internal temperature sensor: No

Time before recalibration: ~10 years

Life expectancy: ~10 yea

Maintenance: N/A