Cryovial storage box, 10 PC, 100-well, Assorted colors

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Robust and lightweight storage containers for cryogenic vials specifically designed for ultra-low temperature freezers or storage in liquid nitrogen. See through numbered lid with built in air vents.

Additional Content:

  • Manufactured in Polycarbonate provide ultra-low temperature storage from -196℃ to 121℃
  • Designed for storage of Cryovials from 1.0ml to 2.0ml in Liquid Nitrogen or Freezer
  • Numeric grid on lid and tray for easy identification of samples
  • With Air vents for storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Covers are keyed to the base to prevent misalignment
  • Measurement:130 x 130 x 53mm (LxWxH,mm) 10x10 Array box, measurement: 130 x 130 x 53mm (LxWxH,mm)
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