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Open Source Experiments

Submit your experiment by e-mailing your information to boekel-info@boekelsci.com

Controlling Dissolved Oxygen with the Open Source Bio Transmitter and OSB IoT Relay

This video shows a quick experiment controlling dissolved oxygen. The Open Source Bio Transmitter (PN 555001) has an Arduino compatible open source board inside. This board is running a simple computer program to control the dissolved oxygen with an “if” statement. Due to the flexibility of the open source board an advanced PID loop could be written to control dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity or temperature. The transmitter was designed for STEM programs and research projects.

OpenSourceBio Arduino IDE Library Tutorial

Using a Boekel OSB (Open Source Bio) Transmitter. How to install and use the Arduino Library. The library contains examples and makes using the OSB simple for first time programmers. The examples make it very easy to get started with your own experiment. The Boekel OSB is a pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Transmitter that is build with an Arduino Compatible board. The transmitter has a USB for datalogging, a color touch screen and can be used with most standard EC, pH, and DO probes. It is designed for STEM teaching, everyday laboratory use, and building custom experiments. The transmitter can easily connect to pumps, alarms, and other equipment because of the Open Source board. Connections to the open source board are available on the top of the unit. Link to open Source Library: https://github.com/BrianCanna/Boekel-Open-Source-Bio/tree/master/examples Thank you, Miguel Alvarez for your great library!!!