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Fungi-Fluor Kit

Fungi-Fluor Staining Kit for Fungal Detection

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Fungi-Fluor Staining Kit for Fungal Detection


The Fungi-Fluor® Kit for Fungal Detection offers a quick fluorescent stain/counterstain procedure for various fungal organisms. The kit can be used to screen a variety of specimen types, such as sputum and skin scrapings, for fungal detection. Kit can stain over 500 slides. Fungi-Fluor® Staining Solution is a 0.05% solution of high purity Cellufluor, an active ingredient of Calcofluor white fluorescent stain, in deionized water with potassium hydroxide added as a clearing agent. Fungi-Fluor® Counterstaining Solution B is an aqueous solution of Evans Blue dye, which is used to reduce background fluorescence. The Fungi-Fluor® Kit can be used for the rapid identification of various fungal infections in fresh or frozen clinical specimens, paraffin or glycol methacrylate embedded tissues. Typical specimens include sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), bronchial wash and tissue biopsies.


  • More accurate diagnosis than KOH preps.
  • Rapidly offers greater morphologic detail than PAS or silver stains.
  • Counterstain greatly reduces background fluorescence.
  • Simplicity and rapidity over immunostains.
  • Packaged in convenient dropper bottles. 
  • FDA approved for in vitro diagnostics use in the United States. 

Size: 2 x 75ml Bottles


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