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Boekel Heat Cool Thermal Mixer II, 270800 & heat only 270900 (heat/cool and heat only shaker)

Boekel Heat Cool Thermal Mixer II, 270800 & heat only 270900 (heat/cool and heat only shaker)

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270800 & 270900
The Boekel Scientific HC Thermal mixer has a large touch screen, interchangeable blocks, heat/cool and heat only thermal mixers. Perfect for precise sample preparation when working with DNA, RNA, plasmids, cultures, and enzymatic reactions. Supplied with one 270811 block for 24 x 1.5mL tubes.

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Boekel Scientific introduces their new Heat/Cool and Heat Only Thermal Mixers. Each unit has a large intuitive touch screen, interchangeable auto-recognized blocks to fit most laboratory consumables, multiple modes for increased process performance and a large and accurate temperature and mixing range.

  • Large Color Touch Screen
  • Programmable heating, cooling, and mixing sequences
  • Intuitive navigation and programming
  • Interchangeable, auto-recognized blocks
  • Up to five independent programmable steps
  • Super accurate calibration
  • Steps can be repeated in the repeat mode
  • Easy to remove heating/cooling blocks
  • Better performance than competitor units
  • Supplied with 270811 Block
  • Blocks 270818, 270819 and 270820 include a lid


Extraction, expression, labeling, cloning, purification and analysis of proteins, DNA, Plasmids, RNA, from gels, magnetic beads, tissue, or biological samples

  • Stability testing
  • Isolating RNA
  • Protein preparation
  • DNA/RNA extraction


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 Heat Cool Thermal Mixer IIHeat ONLY Thermal Mixer II
Model # 270800 270900
Capacity 0.5ml tubes to 50ml tubes (block dependent) 0.5ml tubes to 50ml tubes (block dependent)
Block Included with Unit 1.5ml x 24 tubes 1.5ml x 24 tubes
Dimensions W x D x H (in) 9 x 13 x 5.3 9 x 13 x 5.3
Dimensions W x D x H (cm) 23 x 33 x 13.5 23 x 33 x 13.5
Speed Range (rpm) 0, 250 to 3000 0, 250 to 3000
Speed Setting Increments (rpm) 50 50
Timer 0 - 99 Hours 59 Min 59 seconds / ∞ 0 - 99 Hours 59 Min 59 seconds / ∞
Operation Temperature Range 10°C to 30°C 10°C to 30°C
Temperature Range 15°C below ambient to 100°C 5°C above ambient to 100°C
Heat Up Rate (Selectable) 5°C/Min, 2°C/Min, 1°C/Min 5°C/Min, 2°C/Min, 1°C/Min
Cooling Rate (Fixed) Above Ambient Below Ambient 3°C/Min - 1.5°C/Min Ambient
Temperature Accuracy
20°C to 40°C < 20°C and >40°C
+/- 0.2°C +/- 0.5°C +/- 0.2°C +/- 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity 20°C to 40°C ±0.3°C ±0.3°C
Temperature Setting ±0.1°C / 1.0°C to 99°C ±0.1°C / 1.0°C to 99°C
Calibration Yes - Easy 4 point Yes - Easy 3 point
Electrical Approval Power pack UL, UL Canada, and CE approved Power pack UL, UL Canada, and CE approved
Shipping Weight 25 lbs. / 11.34 kg 25 lbs./ 11.34 kg

Ordering Information

Heat Cool Thermal Mixer II 270800 12 VDC via 115/230V AC Adapter - UL, CE, CSA Approved
Heat Only Thermal Mixer II 270900 12 VDC via 115/230V AC Adapter - UL, CE, CSA Approved


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