Heating Block Module for Dolphin Nose Tube, 1.5ml, PN: 110099

Boekel Scientific
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Boekel offers the complete spectrum of Block Modules.These precision-machined solid aluminum blocks can accommodate micro-centrifuge tubes, microplates and test tubes up to 25 mm in diameter. We have added blocks for use with 96 well 0.2 ml conical microtubes, 1.5 ml 'Dolphin' tubes used for extractions. Each block has a well for thermometer and a block extractor hole.

Test Tube Block Modules
Boekel blocks accommodate test tubes from 6 mm to 25 mm in diameter, and three different micro-centrifuge tubes and the 'Dolphin' tube block. These anodized blocks resist corrosion and feature alpha/numerical labeled rows and columns for easy vessel identification. Microplate Blocks fit both Digital and Analog Dry Baths and the Mini Fridge II Benchtop Cooler, 260009

Microplate Block Modules
Applications include incubations for EIA's. ELISA's and monoclonal antibody screening. The #110051 holds one microplate and maintains temperature uniformity of +/- 0.3ºC at 37ºC in round bottom microplates.

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