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Boekel Scientific has been Pennsylvania proud since our establishment in 1868. Just over 20 miles from Philadelphia's Center City, we are dedicated to our local community while also serving the world at large.



How We Make A Difference


While Boekel Scientific serves companies around the globe, we are committed to making a difference in our home market of Philadelphia. 

We take every step we can to work with local, Philadelphia-based companies throughout our manufacturing projects. 


Why Philadelphia?


Philadelphia's location provides strategic advantages for Boekel Scientific, as it is located within a day's drive of many major East Coast cities, as well as major ports on the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal location for shipping and distribution.

Our location in Philadelphia has played a key role in our success. The city's thriving scientific and research community, as well as its strategic location, have helped us establish ourselves as a leader in the laboratory equipment and supplies industry, both locally and globally.

If it wasn't for Philadelphia, we wouldn't be where we are today.


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Whether you are looking for laboratory equipment or medical devices in Philadelphia or simply looking to support a local business while also supporting your operation, we are here to help.

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