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Boekel Scientific laboratory Microplate Replicators are made of stainless steel pins for inoculating multiple microplate wells simultaneously. Designed for ergonomics and durability. Sterilize with alcohol, autoclaving or flame sterilization.

  • Pins are made of stainless steel for durability, autoclaving and flame sterilization
  • Economical substitute for expensive robotics systems
  • Models 140500 and 140501 include an alcohol reservoir and cleaning pads for debris removal
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Microplate Replicators
Microplate Replicators

In stock


    • Pins are made of stainless steel for durability, autoclaving and flame sterilization
    • Economical substitute for expensive robotics systems
    • Models 140500 and 140501 include an alcohol reservoir and cleaning pads for debris removal


    • Transfer small volumes of inoculum from microplates to daughter plates or membranes
    • Replication of YACs and cosmid libraries
    • Colony hybridization
    • Antibiotic sensitivity testing
    • Phage typing


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