A Message To Our Customers -


A message to our customers:

Given the recent developments in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we wanted to reach out to you and provide you with an update.

You may have heard that Pennsylvania Governor Wolf has ordered all nonessential businesses to close immediately.As a manufacturer of laboratory equipment and medical devices Boekel Scientific is exempt to this classification and we will continue to operate and ship our products in a timely manner and with the quality you have come trust.

I also want to share with you the steps we are taking internally to keep our employees, customers and suppliers safe during this time.We have:

    • Banned any outside vendors as well as all business travel.
    • Instituted remote work days where appropriate.
    • Halted any internal face to face meetings and require employees to practice social distancing.
    • Added extra professional facility cleaning days.
    • Added extra hand sanitizing stations through-out the facility along with the availability of disinfecting wipes.
    • Employee work stations are sanitized at the end of each day.

Lastly and most importantly, any employee is required to stay home if they are not feeling well.If an employee has been tested and is awaiting results, diagnosed as positive, quarantined due to exposure or is caring for someone with the COVID-19 virus, they are not permitted in the building.

Please know that we are committed to maintaining our support to our customers who are addressing the challenge of treating and halting the virus.In order to do that, we remain in constant communication with our suppliers and our management team remains up to date with regard to our supply change and our requirements for production.

Thank you for continuing to put your trust in us while we navigate this unprecedented situation.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us either directly to your Boekel contact or via Boekel-Info@Boekelsci.com.

Best wishes,

Steve Christie




Steve Christie