We Take Pride in Displaying the New AABB Corporate Partner Logo

Boekel Scientific in partnership with AABB manufactures quality medical laboratory equipment and medical devices such as blood banking products.

At Boekel Scientific, we're proud to be among the companies displaying the new Corporate Partner logo of AABB (The Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies). We value our business and organization relationships as a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of laboratory equipment and medical devices, including market-leading blood banking products. We want our AABB Corporate Partnership to connect us to its community of professionals who are dedicated to advancing transfusion medicine and biotherapies. We admire and share AABB's core objectives of providing high safety standards for patients, donors, and facilities. 

Everyone on our Boekel Scientific team appreciates the Corporate Partnership with AABB, according to our president, Amy-Jo Yogmas. She says displaying the new logo in our company descriptions is important to demonstrate our valued connections to the medical and scientific communities and the organizations representing them. As most people know, Boekel Scientific earns SCOPE approval for all of our blood banking products which are developed and perform up to AABB's exacting quality standards.

We're Industry Leaders in Blood Banking Products

Our Boekel Scientific product portfolio includes blood banking collection, storage, and preparation devices. We design and manufacture our equipment in the United States and are leaders in blood collection, plasma thawing, and platelet storage devices. We also manufacture and market a blood collection scale, alternatively known as a blood rocker, blood mixer, or donor scale, to weigh and mix whole blood as it is collected. 

The blood banking product range also includes a plasma thawer that is a water-bath plasma thawer with four baskets, and we have platelet storage systems in three sizes:  Two benchtop systems with removable agitators and a floor-standing system with an integrated agitator. We use advanced thermoelectric heating and cooling in all of our plasma storage units.   

About Boekel Scientific

Our company was founded in Philadelphia, PA, in 1868, and we are an ISO 13485:2003 certified company. We are a recognized pioneer in the global laboratory products industry. We design and manufacture our lab equipment and medical devices in the United States and are highly regarded for our products' quality, accuracy, and durability. Our Boekel product portfolio includes laboratory incubators, platelet storage and plasma thawing equipment, blood collection devices, tissue flotation baths, laboratory rotators, water baths, dry heaters and incubators, UV crosslinkers, and hybridizer ovens. We're also a custom laboratory equipment builder for clients with unique needs for their reagents and assays.