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Boekel's New OSB™ Transmitter

2015-05-21 14:37:58

Boekel Scientific introduces their new open source Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature measurement device. Measure and control from one programmable device! Conventional bench top probes and transmitters are typically “closed” technology that do not allow user programming or integration of additional equipment. The new Open Source Bio™ or OSB™ transmitter by Boekel Scientific allows for additional functionality because the equipment is built around an Arduino™ compatible board.

The Arduino™ is an open source PCB (printed circuit board) that allows for easy user programming. Due to this revolutionary design the user can perform custom calculations, display custom values, graphs or graphics on the LCD screen, control external equipment, and accept readings or inputs from external equipment. The possibilities are endless.

Plus the transmitter includes features such as data logging to a USB drive, brilliant color LCD screen, easy to follow calibration sequences, low power mode for field usage, and a user programmable screen for displaying graphs, graphics or variables from the Arduino™ compatible board. Most importantly the pH, Conductivity, and DO probes can all be used with the same transmitter allowing for multiple parameter measurements from one unit, reducing the amount of equipment needed for a laboratory.

The transmitter includes a high resolution temperature probe for temperature readings and temperature compensated measurements. The Open Source Bio™ or OSB™ line of probes and transmitter are great for STEM programs and education because they have the capability to teach basic chemistry, electrochemistry, controls, and programming. This equipment is also great for research experiments because they are low cost and extremely flexible. Their robust design allows for easy repair and troubleshooting for years of service. Please contact your preferred laboratory equipment distributor or Boekel Scientific directly for more information. Boekel Scientific is known worldwide for dependable instruments supporting the histology, food safety, diagnostic and cell culture markets.

For additional product information email boekel-info@boekelsci.com

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