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Boekel's New Paddle Blender

2015-05-21 11:30:58

Boekel Scientific introduces the new Triplemix Paddle Blender for food safety testing and macro sample preparation. The unit is designed to be used with standard and filter type food sample preparation bags. The Triplemix paddle blender uses a unique three paddle design for homogenizing samples for microbiological testing. Typical paddle blenders use two paddles to homogenize samples while the Boekel Triplemix uses three synchronized paddles that thrust 120 degrees out of phase to completely homogenize and mix samples in a swirling motion. The mixing action is completely visible with the clear front mixing door. The front door clamps the sample bag and closes with a single push of the upper lid. The autorun feature ensures rapid hands off processing of food samples. The door can also be completely removed for easy cleaning and paddle removal.

Whether you are testing for bacteria, mold, yeast or fungi the easy to use digital control system and large display will make configuring the system easy. Time, mixing rate, and the operation mode can be tailored for the sample analysis process. The unit has a small footprint and a sturdy design. Please contact your preferred laboratory equipment distributor or Boekel Scientific directly form more information. Boekel Scientific is known worldwide for dependable instruments supporting the histology, food safety, diagnostic and cell culture markets.

For additional product information email boekel-info@boekelsci.com

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