MedicalLab Management, September 2022

Product Spotlight Recognition!

Boekel Scientific is very pleased to announce that our platelet storage technology was featured in the recent September issue of Medical Lab Management (MLM) magazine. MLM is a well-recognized peer-to-peer publication and source of information pertaining to clinical laboratory management. MLM magazine is published 10 times annually and aims to help bring efficiency, business management skills, and peer-to-peer guidance to medical laboratory administrators in order to improve the value and impact of diagnostic testing. It is truly an honor to have our Large Platelet Incubator & Agitator featured in the magazine from an end-user perspective! Boekel Scientific is very grateful to Jin Wang, MT(ASCP)SBB for her informative interview as well as to the editors at Ridgewood Medical Media for choosing to highlight our product.

Please click here to read the entire digital issue of the September 2022 Medical Lab Management, being sure to look for our product in the product spotlight interview!

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