WHITE PAPER ALERT: Platelet Incubator and Agitator

Boekel Scientific OEM Platelet Incubator and Agitator New Regulated Equipment Evaluation for Blood Banks



Title: Platelet Incubator and Agitator New Regulated Equipment Evaluation

Headline: San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) Thoroughly Examines and Assesses New Equipment for Platelet Storage

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Alternative equipment suppliers for Blood Banks are limited and new equipment technology requires a thorough vetting before adoption. The purpose of the study was to review and qualify new technology for Platelet Storage. New equipment may incorporate novel design features that are not available through current suppliers. Some of the new features incorporated into the Boekel equipment include Refrigerantless and Compressor-less “non-mechanical” Solid State Peltier Heating and Cooling, a Patent Pending Inventory Management System, Onboard Inkless Printer, Large Color Touch Screen, and a USB Downloadable Event Log. These features should be tested for usefulness and robustness. An installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) product or process qualification (PQ) and process flow integration, will be evaluated. The evaluation team will observe and report on critical performance items including system alarms, calibration process, and temperature mapping. The items will be considered in approving the product for use in the blood banking laboratory. The purpose of the equipment we evaluated is solely for the storage of fresh platelets to be used for clinical transfusion. SDBB was founded in December, 1950 and has been serving the San Diego community for 66 years. SDBB is a community blood center which also caters to the needs of researchers in the southern California region. We have approximately 350 staff across all areas from donor recruitment, collection, component manufacturing, quality control, and immunohematology reference laboratory. We collect and process approximately 1,600- 1,800 units of whole blood and 500-600 units of single donor platelets per week. We currently have 8 larger incubators with 15 large agitators in our QC laboratory and our Hospital Services (distribution) department. Our blood bank has a total capacity to hold 640 single donor platelet products. The incubators in our QC Laboratory are used to store the collected platelet units while they are processed to determine platelet yield, leukoreduction is confirmed and bacterial testing is performed. Our customer hospitals are in San Diego County, Orange County and LA County. We have many years of running history with the equipment obtained from our current vendors, and we are fully aware of their strong points and weaknesses.  Link to White Paper