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Laboratory Incubator

Laboratory Incubator

High Quality Research and Medical Incubators

Boekel laboratory incubator are available in sizes from 0.1 cu ft. to 5 cu ft. The applications for these lab incubators include microbiology, sample preparation, drinking and wastewater testing, food and beverage testing, as well as clinical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology testing. These robust laboratory incubators are designed for use in laboratories worldwide.  If you require a specific lab incubator for your assay or process please click on this link to complete the custom product request form.  

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  1. Boekel Scientific CO2 Incubator

    Boekel Scientific CO2 Incubator

    155000 & 155000-2


    Boekel Scientific’s new touch screen CO2 Incubator was designed to be ideal for stationary, spinner, and shaker cell culture. The polished stainless interior is easy to clean, and the control system can maintain the perfect environment for mammalian or insect cultures. The air jacketed heating system and double door design ensures the perfect environment for research laboratories or production facilities. Learn More
  2. Boekel Scientific BOD Incubator

    Boekel Scientific BOD Incubator

    165000-2 & 165000

    Boekel Scientific’s new touchscreen Refrigerated Incubator was designed to be the most advanced incubator for microbiologic work. The thermoformed plastic interior is easy to clean and has a capacity to hold over 80 BOD bottles. Thermoelectric cooling and an advanced control system ensure that this incubator is suitable for most research and environmental laboratories. Learn More
  3. Boekel Scientific Shake 'N Bake™ Rocking Hybridization Oven, 136400

    Boekel Scientific Shake 'N Bake™ Rocking Hybridization Oven, 136400

    136400 & 136400-2

    The Boekel Scientific Shake 'N Bake™ Rocking Hybridization Laboratory Oven provides a gentle up and down motion and temperature control, which is ideal for hybridization and wash procedures. Supplied with two shelves. Independent temperature and rocking control. Learn More

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