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pH, DO, EC Measurement

pH, DO, EC Measurement

New! - Open Source pH, DO, EC Measurement
Boekel Scientific introduces their new open source pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature measurement devices. Conventional bench top probes and transmitters are typically “closed” technology that do not allow user programming or integration of additional equipment. The new Open Source Bio or OSB probes and transmitters work just like conventional probes and transmitters but allow for additional functionality because the equipment is built around an Arduino™ compatible board. The UNO is an open source circuit board that allows easy user programming. Ask yourself, “is your probe open?”

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  1. OSB™ Transmitter

    OSB™ Transmitter

    555001, 555002, 555003, 555004 & 555000


    Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature measurement device. Temperature probe included. Learn More
  2. OSB™ IoT Relay Outlet

    OSB™ IoT Relay Outlet


    Connect devices that produce a digital signal to high voltage components Learn More

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