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The Slide Moat™ Slide Hybridizer from Boekel Scientific is a winner for FISH and other lab hybridization procedures. With a capacity for 30 standard microscopic slides and excellent temperature stability and uniformity, this high-quality slide moat positions your team for success.

The tempered glass lid seals with an integral gasket on the heating base, and an optional light shield is available for photosensitive reagents.

  • PID temperature controller for easy temperature selection
  • Tempered glass lid which seals with integral gasket on heating base
  • Capacity for 30 standard microscope slides
  • Optional light shield for photosensitive reagents is available
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and stability
  • 2 year warranty


  • In situ hybridization
  • All single temperature microscope slide incubation procedures
  • Slide warming and drying
  • Immuno-histochemistry
  • FISH
  • Histology, Hematology


FISH  Overview

Molecular diagnostics is the fastest growing segment of the diagnostics market.  Flourescent In Situ Hybridization or FISH analysis comprises 700 Million of this 5 Billion dollar market.  The FISH market is projected to grow at 11% year over year for the next five years.  400 to 500 million of this market is generated in the United States.  FISH testing is used to identify biological markers in the form of DNA/ RNA.  It is well-known method for genetic mapping and gene expression profiling.  This technique uses fluorescent dye-labeled probes and a nucleotide sequence that is mapped to a chromosome or intra-nuclear DNA to generate a fluorescence signal which is visualized in situ by microscopy.  It is performed on fresh preparations such as cytospins(cell suspensions) and touch preps or formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues may be used.   It is used for research and clinical diagnostics in the areas of:

• Prenatal diagnosis

• Cancer diagnosis

• Molecular cytogenetic of birth defects and mental retardation

• Chromosomal abnormalities

• Clinical genetics

• Neuroscience

• Reproductive medicine

• Toxicology 

• Microbial ecology

• Evolutionary biology

• Comparative genomics

• Cellular genomics

• Differentiation between benign and malignant tumors

The majority of this market is for reagents including FDA approved tests, companion diagnostics, research use only probes, custom probes and support reagents and supplies.  There is a need for hybridization equipment to perform these labor intensive tests.  To understand the need for hybridization equipment the process requirements must clearly be defined.

The equipment necessary is as follows:

-              pH meter

-              Balance

-              Stir plate

-              Micro-centrifuge

-              Refrigerator

-              Freezer

Tissue preparation will require:

-              Microtome

-              Water bath

-              Oven

Performing the FISH procedure will require the following equipment and materials in addition to reagents:

-              Slide dryer

-              Water baths

-              Hybridization Oven

-              Coplin jars

-              Coverslips

-              Staining dishes

-              Rubber cement (Optional: depends on equipment used)

-              Fluorescent microscopes DAPI filter (blue), FITC filter (green), and a Texas red filter capable of photography


The FISH Process - Simplified

Sample prep – depariffinization, dehydrate, air dry, pretreatment(95C @ 30 min, Coplin Jar), protease treatment(37°C 10 – 20 min, Coplin jar), Dehydrate, Air Dry, Mark, apply fish probe,  

Place Cover glass with cement

Denature -  5 minutes @ 75°C (45 – 50°C for metaphase spread + additional step to denature probe) Hybridization - 37°C 16hr – 72hr

Labeling Process

Direct Labeling – label is bound to the probe and it is less sensitive

-              Or    -

Indirect Labeling – Additional step before detection, probe detected using antibodies, results in amplified single

Storage – 4 – 8°C for up to two months, in dark area – light sensitive 


Crucial Process Steps

Two steps in the FISH process require equipment for heating the slides; the denaturing step and the hybridization.  These steps are similar for most FFPE FISH procedures. 

Denature: Denaturing the probes and double stranded DNA

Average Time: 5 Minutes

Standard Temperature: 75°C

Hybridization:  Hybridization of the probes to the target nucleic acids

Time Range: 16 – 72 Hours

Standard Temperature: 37°C

Developed slides must be stored at 4 – 8°C until they are evaluated under a microscope and photographed.  They can be store for months at these temperatures. 


List of Specific FISH Tests

There are thousands of FISH probes used for research supplied by dozens of companies.  These do not have FDA approval.  The FDA approved test that use the FISH procedure are listed below. 




BLA 103792



Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

The Inform Her-2/Neu gene detection system is a fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) DNA probe assay that determines the qualitative presence of Her-2/Neu gene amplification on formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded human breast tissue as an aid to stratify breast cancer patients according to risk for recurrence or disease-related death. It is indicated for use as an adjunct to existing clinical and pathologic information currently used as prognostic indicators in the risk stratification of breast cancer in patients who have had a priori invasive, localized breast carcinoma and who are lymph node-negative.



BLA 103792



Abbott Molecular Inc.

The PathVysion HER-2 DNA Probe Kit (PathVysion Kit) is designed to detect amplification of the HER-2/neu gene via fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded human breast cancer tissue specimens. Results from the PathVysion Kit are intended for use as an adjunct to existing clinical and pathologic information currently used as prognostic factors in stage II, node-positive breast cancer patients. The PathVysion Kit is further indicated as an aid to predict disease-free and overall survival in patients with stage II, node positive breast cancer treated with adjuvant cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, and 5-fluorouracil (CAF) chemotherapy. The Pathvysion Kit is indicated as an aid in the assessment of patients for whom herceptin (trastuzumab) treatment is being considered (see herceptin package insert).



BLA 103792

PATHWAY ANTI-HER-2/NEU (4B5) Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody


Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Ventana Medical Systems’ PATHWAY Her2 (clone CB11) is a mouse monoclonal antibody intended for laboratory use for the semi-quantitative detection of c-erbB-2 antigen in sections of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded normal and neoplastic tissue on a Ventana automated immunohistochemistry slide staining device.



Trade Name



Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Vysis D7S486/CEP 7 FISH Probe Kit

Abbott Molecular Inc.



Vysis EGR1 FISH Probe Kit

Abbott Molecular Inc.

K123951, K091960

B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Vysis CLL FISH Probe Kit



Prosigna Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay

Nanostring Technologies




Agendia BV



INFORM HER2 Dual ISH DNA Probe Cocktail

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.



HER2 CISH pharmDxTM Kit

Dako Denmark A/S



GeneSearch Breast Lymph Node (BLN) Test Kit

Veridex, LLC.


P060017 S001-S004

Dako TOP2A FISH PharmDx Kit

Dako Denmark A/S


P050045 S001-S004

DakoCytomation Her2 FISH pharmDx™ Kit

DakoCytomation Denmark A/S



BD Max MRSA Assay

BD Diagnostics (GeneOhm Sciences Canada, Inc.)



Staphylococcus QuickFISH BC

AdvanDx, Inc.




EliTechGroup Epoch Biosciences.



Verigene Staphylococcus Blood Culture (BC-S) Nucleic Acid Test

Nanosphere, Inc.



NucliSENS EasyQ MRSA Assay

bioMerieux, Inc.



Xpert MRSA/SA Blood Culture Assay




Xpert MRSA/SA Nasal Complete Assay




LightCycler MRSA Advanced Test

Roche Molecular Systems, Inc



BD GeneOhm MRSA ACP Assay

BD Diagnostics (GeneOhm Sciences Canada, Inc.)



S. aureus and/or other Staphylococcus species PNA FISH Culture

AdvanDx, Inc.



Xpert MRSA/SA SSTI Assay




BD GeneOhM StaphSR Assay

BD Diagnostics (GeneOhm Sciences Canada, Inc.)



S. aureus PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



Xpert MRSA





Infectio Diagnostic, Inc.





Trade Name




Adenovirus R-gene US

Argene SA



ProAdeno+ Assay

Gen-Probe Prodesse, Inc.


Bacillus Anthracis

JBAIDS Anthrax Detection System

Idaho Technology, Inc.


Candida tropicalis / 

Candida albicans / 

Candida parapsilosis / 

Candida glabrata / 

Candida krusei  

Affirm VPIII Microbial Identification Test

Microprobe Corp.



Yeast Traffic Light PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



C. albicans / C. glabrata PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



C. albicans PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



C. Albicans screen

Carr-Scarborough Microbiologicals, Inc.




IMDx Van R for Abbott m2000

Intelligent Medical Devices, Inc.



BD GeneOhm VanR Assay

BD Diagnostics (GeneOhm Sciences, Inc.)



Xpert vanA Assay




E. faecalis/OE PNA

AdvanDx, Inc.




AdvanDx, Inc.



E. faecalis PNA FISH culture identification kit

AdvanDx, Inc.



NucliSens EasyQ Enterovirus vl.1 Assay

bioMérieux, Inc.


Escherichia coli / 

Klebsiella pneumoniae / 

Pseudomonas aeroginosa

GNR Traffic Light PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



E. coli/P. aeruginosa PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



EK/P aeruginosa PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



E. coli PNA FISH

AdvanDx, Inc.



BD Max MRSA Assay

BD Diagnostics (GeneOhm Sciences Canada, Inc.)



Staphylococcus QuickFISH BC

AdvanDx, Inc.




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Boekel Scientific Slide Moat™ Slide Hybridizer, 240000, (115V/230V)
Boekel Scientific Slide Moat™ Slide Hybridizer, 240000, (115V/230V)

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