Snap Together Test Tube Racks 90 Position, PN:120015

Boekel Scientific
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Boekel Scientific has 90 position tube racks that are ideal for culture tubes and test tubes. Our 90 position tube rack is shipped flat, snaps together in seconds, and is made with heavy duty polypropylene. Shop our tube racks today!

  • Shipped flat for easy storage
  • Suitable for autoclaving and use in water baths
  • Tubes are easily identified with alphanumeric grid
  • Made with heavy duty polypropylene
  • Snaps together in seconds

Snap-Together Test Tube Racks Polypropylene


1. Manufactured in Heavy-duty Polypropylene.Designed for stable use in water baths.

2. Easy-to-assemble polypropylene racks snap together securely in seconds.

3. Features alphanumeric grid reference aids for tube identification.

4. Shipped Flat.

5. Fitting for test tube range from Dia.12mm to Dia 21mm.

6. Suitable for autoclaving at 121℃.