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Returning Equipment with a Valid Warranty

Boekel Scientific equipment and supplies have a two year warranty to be free from defects due to materials or workmanship.  A RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is required prior to returning a product.  No products will be accepted without this number for tracking, safety, and crediting reasons.    

If your equipment is under warranty and it was purchased through a distributor please contact the distributor to obtain the purchase order number.  The purchase order number is essential for tracking and crediting purposes.

Once, the purchase order number is obtained please contact a Boekel Scientific customer service representative to obtain a decontamination certificate, the RMA number, and the return instructions.  Please also review the Equipment Return Policy below.

Service and Repairs

Please contact a Boekel Scientific for out of warranty repairs or service to equipment. 

Contact Information

Telephone Number: (800) 336-6929

Email: boekel-info@boekelsci.com

Equipment Return Policy

 - No products will be accepted without a RMA number
 - No products will be accepted without a completed decontamination form
 - Please pack the product with the original shipping material or a suitable alternative
 - Products that are further damaged due to poor packing or poor materials during return shipment will not be honored
 - Any product that has been modified or tampered with will void the warranty and affect the return process
 - Products that are returned may be subject to restocking and handling charges
 - Products used in environments that are extremely hazardous such as radioactivity or bio-hazards are not generally allowed back to Boekel upon review of the decontamination certificate. Special handling and circumstances dictate a final resolution when products are exposed to dangerous conditions.