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Boekel Scientific Jitterbug, 130000, heated microplate shaker (115V/230V)

Boekel Scientific Jitterbug, 130000, heated microplate shaker (115V/230V)

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130000-115V & 130000-2-230V
The Boekel Scientific Jitterbug, 130000, heated microplate shaker is ideal for Immunoassays like ELISA, PCR and other research procedures requiring heating and shaking of microplates. Includes inner lid to reduce risk of contamination.

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  • Accomodates two standard microplates or strip trays
  • Independently set temperature, shaking speed and mixing duration
  • Chamber in a chamber design for excellent stability
  • Select from 8 mixing speeds
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Inner lid reduces risk of biohazard contamination
  • Mixer is quiet and rugged
  • Accommodates Std. 96, 384, and 536 Plates
  • 2 year warranty


Immunoassay PCR and other research procedures requiring microplates.


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Catalog Number 130000-115V, 130000-2-230V
Product Dimensions W x D x H (in) 10" x 10" x 4"
Product Dimensions W x D x H (cm) 25.4cm x 25.4cm x 10.2cm
Orbit Diameter Approximately 1mm
Mechanism Rotating counterweight
Temperature Range Ambient to 40°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity Better than ± 0.4°C with cover
Warm Up Time Typically 15 minutes
Timer Range Rotating counterweight
Temperature Range 1 second to 99 min. 59 sec.
Timer Resolution 1 second
Mixer Speed 575 to 1500 RPM
Pulse Operation 1500 RPM for 3 seconds
Electrical 130000-115VAC (50/60 Hz) 33W UL Listed; 130000-2-230VAC (50/60 Hz) 19W** CE Marked
Shipping Weight 11 lbs (4.99kgs)

*230V units are supplied with continental European plug.


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