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FISH Equipment

FISH Equipment

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  1. InSlide Out™ Slide Hybridizer

    InSlide Out™ Slide Hybridizer

    241000 & 241000-2


    Designed for use in slide hybridization applications. Supplied with sealed aluminum tray and stainless steel slide rack. Learn More
  2. RapidFISH Slide Hybridizer

    RapidFISH Slide Hybridizer

    240200 & 240200-2


    The RapidFISH was designed to simplify Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) procedures. The unit has a self-clamping slide tray design that maintains the required humidity. The control system provides excellent temperature stability and uniformity. Learn More
  3. Slide Moat™ Slide Hybridizer

    Slide Moat™ Slide Hybridizer

    240000 & 240000-2


    Designed for use with FISH protocols, provides excellent temperature uniformity and stability. 30 slide capacity Learn More
  4. Programmable Slide Moat

    Programmable Slide Moat

    280001 & 280001-2

    Designed for use with FISH protocols, this 12 slide capacity unit allows for 3 programmable ramp/timed segments. Two wells for water should you require humidity. Learn More
  5. Modular Slide Storage Cabinet

    Modular Slide Storage Cabinet

    141000 & 141001


    Six cabinet drawer holds up to 5000 standard 1" x 3" microscope slides Learn More
  6. Tissue Cassette Storage Cabinet

    Tissue Cassette Storage Cabinet

    143000 and 143100


    Three shelve storage cabinet for formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue samples. Learn More
  7. Microscope Slide Dispenser

    Microscope Slide Dispenser


    Slide Dispenser holds up to 54 standard 3" x 1" microscope slides. Learn More

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