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Quality Laboratory Products Since 1868

Boekel Scientific manufactures life science and laboratory products, including hybridization, histology, blood banking, microbiology and food safety equipment. We strive to maintain the highest standard of quality while creating innovative equipment. Boekel Scientific is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company. Thank you for visiting our website.

Latest News

Due to customer demand Boekel Scientific has launched a large Platelet Incubator and Agitator Click here to for more information.

Boekel Scientific serves as a manufacturing and design partner for many suppliers. If you require custom equipment to support your assay; we would like to hear about your project. Click here to for more information.

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High quality, low cost consumables to support your medical or research lab. Centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, inoculation loops and more.
Boekel Scientific introduces the RapidFISH slide hybridizer, which was designed to simplify Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) procedures...

Boekel Scientific introduces their new Platelet Agitator and Platelet Incubator to complement their...

Boekel Scientific introduces their new open source Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature measurement device.

Boekel Scientific introduces their new Heat and Cooling Thermal Mixer.

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