1 uL Inoculating Loop, PN: 120005

Boekel Scientific
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Inoculation Loops from Boekel Scientific banish cross-contamination risks in your lab. Available in 1, 5 and 10 uL sizes that are color-coded for easy identification, you'll find the best inoculating loop price with our bulk 6,000-piece quantity options.

These culture loops are sterile and disposable in a rigid plastic design with smooth loops to easily streak plate surfaces or obtain inoculum. Find all your lab's consumables at Boekel Scientific.

  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Sterile and Disposable
  • Color coded size for easy identification
  • Smooth loop allows for easy streaking of surface
  • Rigid plastic design

Economic Inoculating Loops

Ideal for streaking and obtaining inoculum without damaging of surface

Being both sterile and disposable eliminates the risk of cross contamination

Smooth loop surfaces allows easy streaking.

No rough plastic edges, flashing or burrs on the loop head. Loops do not cut or gouge the agar

Hexagonal loop shaft improves grip, assists orientation and makes diluting and streaking easy.

Choice of rigid or flexible loops