Boekel Scientific Large Desiccators, 1344 (Glass/Stainless Steel Chamber)

Boekel Scientific
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Boekel Scientific standard desiccators are perfect for storing reagents, drying biological specimens, and more! If you have moisture-sensitive materials that need to be dry, this desiccator is the perfect solution for your needs. Coming with superior door seal integrity shop our standard lab desiccator today!


  • Durable construction. Fabricated from stainless steel and glass.
  • Superior seal integrity
  • Rigid door full length door hinges
  • One piece neoprene door gasket
  • Shelves are adjustable in half-inch increments
  • Two different sizes to select from
  • 2 year warranty
  • Not suitable for use with chlorine dioxide sterilization systems

Boekel Scientific Standard Desiccators have a dry sense of humor. You'll get no funny business from our stainless steel and glass desiccators that are available in two sizes with a choice of adjustable shelf types.

A one-piece neoprene door gasket ensures the superior door seal integrity you expect from Boekel Scientific desiccators. Perfect for storing reagents, drying biological specimens, stabilizing pre-weight temps and other applications, our standard desiccators leave your lab's moisture-sensitive materials high and dry.


  • Storing reagents, IR cells or soil samples.
  • Drying biological specimens
  • Storage sludge samples
  • Temperature stabilization prior to weighing
  • Storage of raw materials
  • Storage of API
  • Testing Wastewater total suspended solids
  • Used for crucibles or dishes
  • Food manufacturing and testing

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