Boekel Scientific™ Large Digital Forced Air Incubator, 151500, 5.0 cu ft (115V/230V)

Boekel Scientific
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The Boekel Scientific™ large digital forced air incubator is ideal for all laboratories that require a large capacity incubator for general incubation needs. With a capacity of 5.0 cu ft (141L), this incubator is perfect for multiple applications such as warming slides, incubating petri dishes and culture plates, culturing media, incubating flasks and test tubes, and uniformly heating bottles. This unit can function as a benchtop or floor standing incubator. Two internal auxiliary outlets allow for maximum versatility with the use of mixing equipment or other accessories within the incubator. An easily removable door panel is included to omit ambient light when desired.


  • Excellent temperature stability, uniformity, and recovery time
  • Wide temperature range for multiple applications
  • Single door configuration with removable door panel for light & dark incubations
  • Bright easy-to-use digital display with built-in timer
  • Equipped with 2 internal auxiliary outlets
  • Two-year warranty
  • UL, CE, CSA approved


Boekel Scientific introduces the next generation of forced air convection incubators. This product family of digital forced air incubators replaces the wildly popular Complete Culture Control (CCC) line of incubators with improvements utilized in our Tight Temperature Tolerance (TTT) incubator. 

One of the selling features of this product family's predecessors was the customization of a solid or see-through door. This feature was not overlooked, but improved upon, with a new, innovative, multifunctional door design. Instead of choosing between a solid door and a see-through door, a single door with a large polycarbonate viewing window and a tight-fitting, easily removable, door panel is included! With the door panel off, incubating specimens can easily be seen without disturbing the incubation environment. With the door panel on, ambient light is easily ommited from light-sensitive specimens. No more "tin foiling" of see-through doors or purchasing & changing of different heavy doors!

The largest of this incubator line, the 5.0 cu ft digital forced air incubator is perfect for medium & large laboratories, clinical, research, & reference laboratories, pharmacies, large hospitals and health care institutions that require high capcity & versatility. This incubator is equipped with 2 internal auxiliary outets and large enough to fit multiple accessories such as a rocker, tube rotator, or orbital shaker on different shelves. It can also easily be transformed into an environmental chamber with the addition of a humidity system accessory and an LED/UV light system on a timer - useful for growing mushrooms and for the cannabis industry! It comes with 3 shelves standard and the ability to add up to 6 total shelves max, adjustable in 1" increments. 


  • Forced air convection provides excellent temperature stability, uniformity, and recovery time after door opening to keep incubation environment at ideal temperature
  • Wide temperature range for multiple applications eliminates the need for multiple incubators for different temperature ranges
  • Single door configuration with removable door panel for light & dark incubations eliminates multiple incubators/multiple doors
  • Bright easy-to-use digital display with built-in timer
  • Two internal auxiliary outlets provide power for multiple accessories to be used within the incubator
  • Two-year warranty with 48-72 hr TaT on repairs
  • Energy efficient, low-power consumption design
  • UL, CE, CSA approved, RoHs compliant making it 100% recyclable


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