OSB™ IoT Relay Outlet

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The Boekel Scientific OSB IoT Relay Outlet connects your team to digital possibilities. This controllable four-outlet power relay module includes a built-in circuit breaker and requires no high-voltage wiring.

Connect devices that produce a digital signal, like our open-Source Transmitter, to high-voltage components, like our pH, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen Probes with this relay outlet. Two normally on and two normally off outlets deliver 120-volt AC output.

Boekel Scientific introduces an easy way to connect devices that produce a digital signal to high voltage components. Connect Arduino's™, Raspberry Pi's™ or anything that has a low voltage output to a safety switched outlet. Controlling experiments has never been so easy and safe. Four outlets are provided; two in the normally off configuration and two in the normally on configuration. The outlets can be used to power pumps, lights, alarms, or whatever your experiment requires.

  • Two normally on and two normally off 120 volt AC output outlets
  • Easily control components with low voltage microcontrollers
  • Control wires attach with a removable terminal connector
  • No high voltage wiring required
  • Built in circuit breaker
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