Best New Science Books

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Best New Science Books

As science marches toward new theories and discoveries, expand your intelligence and gain wisdom through these new science books for 2023 and 2024. This collection provides instructive and gripping insights that keep your quest for scientific knowledge alive. 

What Are The Best New Science Books

Here are some of the best books about science that fascinated readers this year or will intrigue readers in the years to come. All these recommendations equip you with a solid understanding of cells, the cosmos and more.

1. “The Song of the Cell” by Siddhartha Mukherjee

Granted the Chautauqua Prize and the PROSE Award for Excellence in Biological and Life Sciences for 2023, this book is highly recommended to anyone in the field of science and medicine. Enter into the world of cell biology and find out more about the brilliance of human life. This poetic piece casts insights into how cells work together. It weaves through the stories of cell discovery and discusses the ever-evolving advancements that impact life’s building blocks. 

2. “The Possibility of Life” by Jaime Green

Continue with your learning about the cosmos and human life with this remarkable work. Green digs into the history of the universe and the possibilities of other existence outside Earth through science and imagination. She paints a riveting picture of science and science fiction through philosophies, interviews and personal anecdotes. From alien minds to scientist theories, this book expands on the underlying reason for our constant search for life beyond our planet. 

3. “Built to Move” by Kelly Starrett and Juliet Starrett

Move throughout the day, every day. This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to improve their well-being with the right functional fitness. Through the lens of a physical therapist and CrossFit trainers, the authors provided concrete ways to learn more about the human body. They help you understand the physical properties encompassing a healthy body and mind. 

The book emphasizes the importance of stretching to maintain flexibility and mobility. It also highlights the impact of good nutrition, proper breathing exercises and getting enough sleep. So, by moving more, you are living life better. 

Bonus: The Best New Science Related Children's Books

Here are some of the top new releases in health and science that intrigued inquisitive little minds this year. These recommendations will help to expand your little one’s understanding of themselves, the evolving world around them, and the solar system in which we live.

1. “The Tiny Astronaut: A Solar System Adventure for Little Explorers” by R. J. Hudson

Inspire excitement and wonder within your curious child about the starry night sky with this rhyming and vibrant book. This book aims to guide young readers in the learning of the planets in an engaging and playful way, leaving an impression of curiosity about and fascination with the cosmos. Readers are left with an appreciation for the limitless potential of space exploration and the power of imagination to pursue their curiosities.

2. “Computer Engineering for Big Babies” by Chase Roberts

As sequel to his first book, “Computer Engineering for Babies”, which taught readers about logic gates, the author continues to illustrate digital logic with the use of switches and LEDs. This book continues the “lesson plan” from where the first book ended, and breaks down the content into short, easy-to-understand and playfully engaging pages. The author utilized all feedback from his first book to improve upon this book’s design, ensuring an even better experience than his first, well-received book.

3. “The Poo Fairy” by Hailey McQuilken, PT, DPT

A must read for parents and toddlers engaging in the stressful potty-training experience. The author, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, masterfully interweaves clinical PT advice and techniques with a playful mythical friend that can help relieve childhood anxiety around the toilet and personal hygiene. Readers of this book will learn about pelvic floor dysfunction within children, as well as tricks and treatments, helping to instill a sense of autonomy and agency in your young child throughout this process.

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