Science Book Recommendations

Head Shaped Book Shelf With BooksScience Book Recommendations

As you read, the brain undergoes a neurobiological process that refines cognitive skills and linguistic abilities. With the limitless boundaries of science, reading takes you to the depths of the human world and the heights of the universe.

What Are Some Top Science Books

From cosmic evolution to scientific discoveries, these are the five best science books that provide relevant information and realizations about the world and life in general.

1. “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking

The book unravels the phenomenon of the universe by explaining cosmology through different theories and concepts. It is an insightful story that details the efforts of earlier philosophers and scientists in illustrating how the universe evolved. Hawking does a remarkable job of discussing complex topics like quantum mechanics and black holes in a simpler language.

2. “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot

Rebecca Skloot takes you to the story of Henrietta Lacks, whose death, unbeknownst to her, led to the revolutionary advances in medical science. HeLa cells became the first human cells to be cloned and multiplied. While there was transcendence in scientific discoveries within biomedical research, there was also deep injustice that stems from her death.

3. “On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin

The historical influence of this book in the field of science is profound. In his work, Charles Darwin delved into the theory of evolution, where he discussed the perceptions behind human existence. According to him, species undergo the process of evolution not by divine providence but from the creation, survival and reproduction of preexisting species of a common ancestor.

4. “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan

Take a leap into the cosmic revolution and uncover the phenomenon of science and human civilization. Sagan engages you in the origin of life on Earth and on other planets in a beautiful literary style. This prose creates a sense of fascination in the history and future of humans, the Earth and beyond.

5. “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker

There is more to sleep than just being a part of our daily routine. Walker remarkably explains the importance of sleep and its impact on learning and well-being. The book outlines a series of scientific research and breakthroughs that provide insights and actionable steps for better sleep.

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